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Suicide shatters the lives of those who are left behind. To survive the suicide death of a loved one is to put the pieces of our lives back together, but with a new pattern and shape, leaving spaces to acknowledge our loss but also to give room for new understanding, new strength, new love and hope. Our loved ones are not left out or left behind. They are the force that shapes our new normal.

- Pastor Vicki Waddington
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There are many complex reasons why a teen may attempt suicide. If you have a family member that needs help, don't wait. Whether it's your son or daughter ….. brother or sister ….cousin, niece or nephew ….family members can play a key role in providing help to a depressed or suicidal teen.

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Learn more about the factors that might lead a young person to attempt suicide. Find tools that you can use to reach out to someone. Be prepared. Learn what to do to help prevent a tragedy in your family.

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