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I thought I was alone, no one cared. I was tired of trying to fit in. Then a friend helped me, showed me there are people that'll listen. People that understand. I don't feel so alone anymore.

- 15 year old
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Being a teen is hard. You're no longer a child. You're not yet an adult. And all these different parts of your life are swirling around: school, figuring out who you are, making and losing friends, family issues, future career opportunities, work, sexuality … the list goes on and on.

Most teens feel anxious and stressed. Many feel sad and hopeless. Or angry and alone. On this page you'll find help specifically for teens. Hotlines. Resources. Support right here in Miles City.

Help For Teens

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Montana Suicide & Crisis Hotlines

This is a place for you to explore where no one knows who you are. It's completely anonymous. A place to find answers to questions about a lot of things teens are trying to figure out. Find the help you need to become a successful adult.

LGBT or Questioning

I'm Being Bullied